Yearn Finance promises to bring higher profit to Ether HODLers

Bit Team
1 min readSep 3, 2020

The current decentralized finances boom (DeFi) will likely continue as new protocols and projects are being announced that attracts attention of more crypto traders and investors. As regards Yearn Finance yETH, which looks promising for ETH holders, there have been many optimistic predictions

More ETH will be blocked in DeFi

YETH, announced on Monday, is the new product for Yearn Finance. DeFi protocol stated that the new protocol would enable ETH holders to get maximal profit from their coins by keeping their assets in Ethereum. It is considered that Yearn Finance is a storage that means users will get percentages collectively.

Many industry analytics are quite optimistic and they expect that the product will attract more Ethereum tokens. Thus means that more ETH will be blocked by DeFi protocols.

Still some experts have bad feeling that the product may cause liquidity collapse concerning the Ethereum supply.