What is bRUB?

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2 min readJun 3, 2024


Introduction of a new instrument on the Bitteam exchange: bRUB
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitteam presents an innovation in its platform — virtual currency bRUB. This solution allows users to efficiently manage their ruble funds on the platform, providing a convenient and flexible tool for exchange and trading.

What is bRUB?

bRUB is an internal token of the Bitteam exchange designed to transfer rubles between users. Although bRUB is not a crypto-asset, it plays an important role in facilitating trading operations on the platform and is an alternative way to deposit and withdraw funds, replacing classic processing services. On a spot account bRUB is represented as RUB and can participate in trading pairs, while on a P2P account it acts as an exchange token.
How does bRUB work?

Users can transfer rubles between their spot and P2P accounts using bRUB:

Transfer to P2P account: A user transfers RUB from their spot account to their P2P account. At this point, the RUB is converted to bRUB.

Order Creation: A user can create an order to sell bRUB or buy another user’s order.

Buying and selling: The purchaser of the bRUB token can transfer it to his spot account, where it is converted back into RUB.These funds can then be used to trade other assets on the platform.

Advantages of using bRUB

The main advantage of bRUB is the ability to transfer RUB without commission. Unlike traditional processing systems that charge additional fees for transfers, the conversion and sending of bRUB between accounts takes place within the exchange’s system, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.


The introduction of bRUB on the Bitteam platform represents new opportunities for depositing and withdrawing fiat funds, convenience and security of transactions, as well as infrastructure development — all aimed at improving the user experience and strengthening Bitteam’s position in the cryptocurrency market. Commission-free transfers, ease of use and advanced trading capabilities make bRUB an important tool for all exchange participants. Bitteam continues to evolve, providing its users with new and innovative solutions for cryptocurrency trading.

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