DeFi implementation boom as Uniswap processes more than 100,000 transactions per day

Uniswap’s recent announcement that it processes about 100,000 transactions per day confirms that the implementation of DeFi has grown significantly. Back in 2018, platforms could not link large projects, as digital asset traders preferred centralized platforms

Uniswap leads the race to implement DeFi

Studying the activities of decentralized platforms in recent months, we have witnessed a massive concentration of projects on the Ethereum platform.

The company constantly promoted the implementation of DeFi, as traders in the cryptocurrency market were forced to abandon trading with leverage. According to recent statistics, Uniswap hosts the majority of DeFi projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

This means that many traders have switched to this platform, hence the growing popularity of the DeFi sector.

According to the platform’s CEO Hayden Adams, thanks to the interest of traders, Uniswap now checks and executes 100,000 transactions per day. As a result of massive transactions, its daily trading volume is $ 100 million.

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