Stream video platform promotes crypto payments

Twitch, the leading platform for streaming video in real-time that is promoting crypto payments, announced that users paying with digital currencies would get 10% discount

Twitch as the first large retailer encouraging crypto via Bitpay

Twitch company, belonging to Amazon, is the leading stream platform for gamers since the moment of its appearance in 2011. It has managed to replace YouTube-

gamers as an advanced gaming stream platform, and it has over 27000 partner channels, 15 million of everyday active users and 2.2 million of broadcasters every month.

The platform enables gamers to broadcast games together with electronic sport competitions, music accompaniment, creative text and recently added option of lifestreaming.

In order to guarantee 10% discount for users paying with crypto, Twitch will apply BitPay processing network.

Previously Twitch integrated crypto to its platform in 2014 but turned this function off in 2019 in order to present it again with BitPay.

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