Indian youth arrested for buying drugs on the darknet

The use of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to deliver drugs and other illegal goods from dark markets is taking on an alarming scale. However, law enforcement agencies do not tire of detaining these people. The case of an Indian young man who was caught after buying drugs for PTS is not an isolated one

More than 25 thousand drugs were sold for crypto assets

In the Times of Indian on Monday, it was reported that 24-year-old K. Rahman was caught buying drugs for Bitcoins. According to the report, we are talking about ecstasy tablets, the possession or sale of which is prohibited in the country. He managed to order medicines from Germany via the darknet.

Sources quoted in the report said the drugs were confiscated by anti-drug enforcement officers at the FPO after they arrived from Germany with a false address in July. An investigation team led by the zonal Director of the Bangalore drug control Bureau, Amit Gavate, has launched an investigation into the recipient.

Later, after a 19-day investigation, Rahman was arrested. The investigation showed that the detainee had been buying drugs for a long time with Bitcoin. More than 750 ecstasy tablets were seized from him. It was estimated that the total amount was 20 lakhs (i.e. 26,735 dollars). He is currently in custody awaiting trial.



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