Defi Swerve fork promises 100% community ownership

Bit Team
1 min readSep 9, 2020

The founder and developer of Curve gave the main reasons why the leading decentralized project Ethereum Curve was moved to the DeFi fork. Switching to the new fork will provide customers with more opportunities to participate

DeFi projects are undergoing forks

The Ethereum decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector has seen some branching over time, meaning that most current projects copy the Protocol of existing projects. Due to this step, we have witnessed a massive growth of different projects with the same existing Protocol, but with characteristics that slightly differ them.

The decentralized Curve project was the last to join the list after it switched to its own fork, known as Swerve. Mikhail Yegorov, the founder and developer of this crypto project, explained the reasons why the crypto project switched to a new fork of DeFi, which promises 100% community ownership.

It is one of the best projects in the DeFi space, which aims to provide clients with stablecoin and Bitcoin exchange services on the Ethereum blockchain. Its main function is to provide customers with better market depth than other protocols, at the same total blocked cost.