How was the weekend for DeFi

The final weekend of August will be historic for the field of decentralized Finance, as the market exceeded $ 7 billion in value tied to the platforms that make up the ecosystem. Overall, it’s been an amazing month for the DeFi environment, but this weekend has shaken up the cryptocurrency and financial space

YFI breaks Bitcoin record

The headlines about DeFi over the weekend were dominated by the staggering growth of the yfi token from On Saturday, YFI surpassed Bitcoin’s all-time high of $ 20,000, and left it much lower as it eventually soared to $ 38,000. The cost increase was more than 75% in just 24 hours.

As reported by Cointelegraph, the astronomical increase in value has led to the market capitalization of the token surpassed $ 1 billion.

Yearn collects returns for various decentralized financial lending platforms to give users the maximum possible profit for various DeFi tokens.

Users can operate on the platform to bond $ DAI, $ USDC, $ USDT, $ TUSD, and / or $ sUSD and earn interest from placing their tokens.

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