The adoption of cryptocurrencies: boasts more than 2 million real estate listings, a company that deals with housing reservations and accepts digital currencies, recently entered into a partnership with Agoda to encourage the wider adoption of crypto in the travel industry

Wider use of cryptos in the tourism industry

According to a recent report, Agoda, a digital travel platform owns at least 600,000 hotels located in different countries. As part of the partnership, these hotels can be accessed through the Binance-supported accommodation booking platform. Therefore, travelers can book hotels using different cryptocurrencies. it has been actively implementing cryptocurrency in the tourism industry since its launch and offers a variety of booking services for cryptocurrency. It reportedly currently supports more than 30 digital currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Etherum (ETH), and its own token, dubbed AVA.

This statement has become a leading company for booking accommodation, working on the blockchain. The number of objects available on the platform was 2,200,000, spread across 230 countries. This is quite an important stage, as it means that more people can use cryptocurrencies as payment options for accommodation.

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