Singapore is preparing for a food crisis

Singapore is currently taking steps to use the NULS blockchain platform to avoid the impending food crisis in the country

Singapore launches the NULS blockchain

It is no news that many structures around the world have been testing the possibility of using blockchain technology for many years. Companies like Dole and the Walmart trading platform have been at the forefront of implementing this technology.

As companies test it on a small scale, Singapore has decided to apply the NULS blockchain technology on a larger scale to save the country from impending food shortages. Currently, the country, which imports about 90% of food from neighboring countries, is facing a food crisis caused by the coronavirus.

To help the country get out of the impending food shortage, the Food Agency said it would work with veriTAG as well as ST Engineering. As part of the partnership, three organizations will offer ways to develop the NULS blockchain, which will be used to monitor food products from creation to when they are put up for sale.

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