Visa crypto approach supporting the new commerce form

Since the very moment of its appearance, crypto has been gaining momentum and continues to do that. Visa, the world payment system, has been the latest company to announce crypto support disclosing its vision and goals.

Visa provided crypto services

Visa has recently published a message on its blog saying that it’s aim is to we got people, enterprises and economy regardless of currency, form of payment or channel.

To that end, the payment giant spoke about cryptocurrencies and underlined the importance of digital assets in its projects.

Visa announced that it would like to assist and support the role of crypto in the future, and that it had already started to work with such companies as Coinbase and Fold. These stock firms help it to link digital currency solutions to existing services.

Over 25 cryptos have been integrated by the payment giant, and this provided users with an easy way to spend their crypto assets via debet or prepaid cards anywhere in the world.



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