Malaysian crypto miners arrested for stealing electricity worth $59 665 per month

This Wednesday four Malaysian crypto miners were arrested as they are suspected of stealing electricity supply for mining digital currencies. The illegal activity was disclosed after the two-day investigation involving Sarawak Energy Berhard (SEB)

Miners face five years in prison

As the state energy company SEB reported in a report made in Wednesday, after the two days of investigating they managed to get convinced of that miners were carrying out their scheme via four shops and that they were using electricity power for computing linked to crypto mining.

After checking monthly electricity bills of all shops’ counters, SEB noted that the total invoiced amount was only about $238 (1000 Malaysian ringgit). Meanwhile, the actual calculations showed that crypto miners consumed electricity amounting to $59 665 (250 000 ringgit) per month, and the energy was received from these four shops.

While the detainees are expecting for court decision, shop owners will assist the investigation. According to local legislation, miners face five years in jail, or a fine amounting to 100 000 ringgit.



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