Listing Kollabium on p2p

Bit Team
Feb 21, 2024

Hello, team!

Regular users of p2p-exchange have already noticed that Kollabium coin has appeared on the platform.

Tests have been conducted, everything is set up and we are ready to officially announce the listing of Kollabium coin on the P2P platform!

Kollabium is created on the Decimal blockchain on August 15, 2023 and has already made it to the top 3 coins by capitalization in the general list of Decimalchain tokens. Kollabium is designed as a utility coin of the social network KollabiuM. It allows users to activate premium features, participate in affiliate programs, send postcards with tokens, and influence other users’ ratings.

The launch of Kollabium on P2P Bit.Team opens up new opportunities for traders and allows market participants to get actively involved in trading this coin.