Launch of the OGZ/USDT trading pair on the Bit.Team

Bit Team
1 min readNov 2, 2023

A new trend in the world of cryptocurrencies is the merging of memes and finance. The OGz MemeFi project has become an innovator in this niche, presenting a unique community where memes and DeFi go hand in hand. And here is the happy news: the OGZ/USDT trading pair is now available on the Bit.Team exchange!

OGz MemeFi is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a movement that aims to make the cryptocurrency experience accessible and fun for everyone. A special feature of the project is the creation of the world’s first DeFi Telegram bot, which provides cashback for purchases on popular sites. Thus, users not only buy goods, but also receive additional rewards.

OGz also offers an original referral programme, stimulating the growth of its community. OGz token holders get access to an exclusive club in Discord, where they can share experiences and memes.

⭐️ The launch of the OGZ/USDT trading pair on the Bit.Team exchange opens new opportunities for traders and fans of the project. This is a chance to be part of a revolution that combines internet culture and financial opportunities. Join OGz MemeFi and start your exciting journey in the world of memes and DeFi today!