Lakhta manager is accused of forgery

A Russian citizen participating in Lakhta project is accused by the US Ministry of justice of that he was stealing personal data of American citizens in order to use them with the purpose of opening banking and crypto accounts. The prosecution says he did this for the sake of his personal gain.

A 27-year old Russian citizen accused by the US Ministry of Justice

“Since 2014 its main aim has been to undermine the democratic process in the USA”, underlines the report.

Artyom Milhailovich Lifshits, a 27-year old Russian who has been accused today, is the project’s manager. The Ministry of Justice claimed that he conspired with some other members in order to steal personal data from Americans. Using these identifiers, Lifshits designed fake banking and crypto accounts on exchanges. As a result, real American citizens and organization suffered from the fraud.

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