DeFi in the world of cryptocurrency

An innovation with promising potential

Opportunities for innovation

  • Asset management and savings — Melon, Insta.dapp, Yearn.Finance
  • Borrowing and lending — Aave, Compound, Maker
  • Data and Analytics — Alethio, Blocs, DeFi Pulse, DeFi explore, DexIndex, DuneAnalytics, MyDeFi
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX) and trading — Bisq, Binance DEX, Curve, Margin DDEX, Fulcrum
  • DAO — Aragon, Colonia, DAOStack, DXdao, Daohaus, PieDAO
  • Insurance — Etherisc, VouchForMe
  • Risk management, KYC procedures and identification — Bloom,, SelfKey
  • Stablecoins — Augmint, DAI, DefiDollar, EOSDT, Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard, USD Coin
  • Staking — Certus One, Dokia Capital, HyperBlocks, Mythos
  • Tokenization — OpenFinance, Securitize, Tokensoft
  • Wallets — Argent, MetaMask, Gnosis Safe




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