Fidelity Asset Giant analyzes a model that predicts Bitcoin growth to $ 1,000,000

The trillion-dollar asset Manager Fidelity is scrutinizing the popular and controversial Bitcoin price model. A recent report by Fidelity Digital Assets analyzes the inventory-to-flow ratio, which divides the quantity of goods in circulation by the amount produced per year

Great future for the great crypto asset

Using the correlation between the price of an asset and its S2F ratio, a crypto analyst under the pseudonym PlanB predicted that by 2029, the value of Bitcoin will grow to $ 1 million.

Although there is a fierce debate about whether the inventory-to-flow ratio is an accurate way to predict the trajectory of a PTS, Fidelity States that this model is a reliable tool for analyzing scarce assets. The company says that historically, this indicator is a reliable way to judge whether a given product will become a successful means of preserving value.

“Goods whose stocks are difficult to double due to the slow rate of production, compared to the existing supply, have historically served as an excellent means of saving. These products are mainly used for investment purposes, and sometimes for industrial purposes. On the other hand, consumable goods that are subject to a significant increase in supply are less efficient at storing value.”

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