Deposit and withdrawal of RUB

Bit Team
1 min readMay 24, 2024


Earlier we reported that we are working on an alternative method of depositing RUB. And today, after successful technical work, we present you such a method.

Now, on BitTeam p2p you can:
● Create an ad to buy or sell BitTeam RUB (bRUB);
● Select a seller or buyer of bRUB.

You can transfer the received bRUB to the exchange to continue trading cryptocurrencies for RUB. In addition, from the exchange you can now also transfer RUB to p2p and sell to other users.

For those who still have questions about this functionality, we suggest to study the instructions:
Transfer RUB from p2p to SPOT ;
Transfer RUB from SPOT to p2p ;
Transaction process on p2p ;
How to create a buy ad on P2P

Also, the BitTeam team continues to work on the integration of the payment gateway so that exchange users can have multiple ways to work with RUB.

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