Farming is still the favorite of the year for DeFi

Bit Team
2 min readAug 11, 2020


DeFi actively broke into the cryptocurrency scene in 2020, as their potential and prospects were recognized by both traditional financial organizations and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, the growing space still has a lot of issues to work on

The problem of Decentralized Finance space

The main problem ofDeFi is not about its safety and security (a number of violations have already been reported), it is much deeper. There seems to be increased interest in its ability to make money in this new space.

Just as the ICO phenomenon burst onto the scene and took many investors by storm, there were problems finding a get-rich-quick scheme permeating the promise of innovative venture capital technology through cryptocurrency.

In DeFi circles, the new wave of crop farming looks like the latest money grab that is inflating DeFiper, perhaps beyond its means and, more importantly, above its fundamentals. The industry certainly has a lot of potential, but just this year the space has grown and it has a sense of a potential bubble.

Crop farming is not only aimed at putting more money in the pockets of these speculators, it also supports indicators that make projects look much more impressive than they could be based on their main proposals alone.

The increase in productivity puts the indicators out of balance. The protocols reward their users with their own management tokens, essentially as a payment for using the platform. The frenzied movement to maximize the profitability of these tokens distorted the prevailing metric of success — the total blocked cost.