tBTT quarterly burn rate

Bit Team
May 9, 2024


BTT quarterly burn rate.

BitTeam earned 11,910,000 BTT in Q1 2024. Amount to burn: 5,955,000 BTT

As a reminder, due to the modified tokenomics, which was passed by general vote after the last update about doubling the issuance, the burn percentage has been increased from 20% to 50%. The amount to be burned = 5,955,000 BTT. But, due to automated bots buying up tokens — the amount was 5,964,828 BTT [transaction link].

BTT is a service token used in the BIT.TEAM ecosystem. This token plays a key role in allowing users to access a number of benefits and services such as payment of trading commissions, unique PRO ACCOUNT benefits, BOOST announcements, UNIQUE USERNAME and staking (article link).

Thank you for your support and stay tuned to our news!BTT quarterly burn rate.

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