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2 min readJul 29, 2020


BTC sales profit reached new maximums when it broke $11K

BTC price was not the first element to record the surge. Other factors like supply profit and the volume of BTC futures at Bakkt also showed increased profit

Bitcoin records a few maximums

The crypto world was expecting that Bitcoin price would reach new heights after the leading coin had gone through the next halving. But the crypto was taking it slow, and altcoins took the lead.

While it took Bitcoin a certain time to break $10K, the emphasis shifted to DeFi tokens.

One of these markers was YFI — a relatively new coin that was worth almost $5K. This prompted the crypto community to believe that YFI was able to surpass Bitcoin reaching $10 000. Still BTC didn’t disappoint us and its value finally got to $11K.

Another news was that the volumes of Bitcoin futures at Bakkt got to the top level. In just one day Bakkt registered trading volumes amounting to 11 509 BTC. This one-day record was worth almost $114 million. The previous maximum was registered in December, 2019, and the latest one represents a 84% increase.

Bitcoin seems to have a big day as its profit got to the 11-month height.

According to Glassnode analytic platform, BTC profit share reached 92.021%. The previous maximum of 91.944% has been recorded previously this day.