Bitcoin sweeps everything in its path and returns to 4% of its ATH

Bitcoin decorrelates with the Dollar index

Iran Mines Bitcoin

  1. The future president of the SEC (US financial policeman) on March 2 reassured those who still think that Bitcoin could one day be “banned”. Gary Gensler said that he does not want to ban cryptocurrency, but wants to “ensure proper protection of users of exchanges.”
  2. India’s finance minister also reassured everyone, saying that the government “does not turn a blind eye to cryptocurrencies.” In any case, countering BTC is a bad idea. Nigeria is living proof of this: the volume of trade in PTS increased by 15% in the month after its ban.
  3. Bitcoin was bought by another respected multinational corporation. Aker, a 180-year-old Norwegian oil company, bought it for $ 58 million. “We will be the holders,” its CEO said in a lengthy letter to shareholders. A beautiful irony.
  4. Finally, note that Bitcoin is becoming rarer on exchanges, which is a very good sign. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that even miners keep their coins. This means that they expect the price of BTC to rise. The miner is smart. You must listen to the minor key.



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