Bitcoin hashrate is testing new ATH at 129 mln TH/s

Crypto mining industry has become more overloaded that even since the very moment of crypto advent. The previous record noticed on July, 29th, was about 126.9 million TH / s. But this time the current hashrate is almost 3 million higher.

BTC hashrate has approached to 129 mln TH / s

According to, the reviewer of BTC blocks, on August, 16th the hashrate was 129.075 mln TH/ s. The new record indicates that miners have become more active. And now it is obvious that mining is still demanded despite the FUD tendency started at the time of the third halving.

Many people supposed that Bitcoin mining industry would get the largest blow that would make major part of miners to quit the industry after the new reduction of block opening reward. These sentiments were associated with that the reward was to be deducted by 50% to 6.25 BTC. This, the industry could become loss-making. But the miners challenged these suppositions increasing third activity and, therefore, the network’s hashrate.



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