Cybercriminals demand a ransom from Argentina

Bit Team
1 min readSep 14, 2020

As is often said in many American films, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists. The approval recently worked for a South American country. Cybercriminals demanded a ransom from the country, but the authorities handled the situation flawlessly.

Argentina vs Cyberthieves

Argentina’s national migration office, in a statement released last month, revealed that they had been subjected to a cyber attack and that some of their services had been breached, including border controls.

The national Directorate said the Integrated migration control system (SICaM), used to facilitate international crossings, was “particularly affected” by the attack, causing disruption to entry and exit to and from the country.

However, they said the Agency’s critical infrastructure was not affected, and hackers were unable to access personal or corporate information managed by them.

Authorities are still investigating the attack to find out its source and those behind it, but local reports in Argentina say the attack was carried out by a group of cryptocurrency ransomware hackers, Netwalker.