droAnswering your questions about BTT token burning

Bit Team
Nov 22, 2022

🔵 The Bit.Team irrevocably burns 20% of tokens in each company reporting period. The company’s first report was in the middle of the third quarter (22 August 2022). The next fourth quarter report is scheduled for January 2023 and every four months thereafter.

🔵 In order to burn 20% of the tokens of the total supply, Bit.Team must have them on its account. And since all tokens are already redeemed from the market and are held by users, the company to burn BTT must earn them from the services of its platforms or redeem the missing tokens from the market within 1 week before the burn date.

🔵 If the company has more than 20% of tokens remaining at the token burning date, then marketing activities are launched to distribute the excess tokens to users as part of AirDrop.