Announcement of TON/USDT trading pair

Bit Team
1 min readJan 27, 2024

Hi team!

We are systematically moving on the updated roadmap and today we are announcing the listing of the TON coin, as well as the opening of the trading pair on SPOT-terminal: TON/USDT, as well as the opening of trading on p2p.

TON, or TONCoin, is one of the most discussed cryptocurrency projects. The project was founded by the Durov brothers in 2018 to monetize the Telegram messenger. TON was conceived as a payment system built into the messenger based on its own blockchain, but due to problems with regulators and the conclusion that the TON coin is an illegal security, the project was closed by Pavel Durov in 2020.

However, the idea was so promising that it was not ignored by the community of developers and investors, who continued to develop the project under the name “The Open Network” or Free TON. Today, TON has become a fully decentralized Tier 1 blockchain designed specifically for Telegram and aimed at attracting millions of users.

The launch of the TON/USDT trading pair on the Bit.Team exchange opens new opportunities for traders and allows market participants to get actively involved in trading this coin.