According to Chainalysis, the speed of cryptocurrency adoption in the USA lags behind Russia and China

According to the latest data published by Chainalysis, the level of cryptocurrency adoption in the US is far behind Russia and China. The Global Crypto Adoption Index 2020 lists countries according to their policies and rules for accepting cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, Ukraine took the first place in the rating, and Russia takes the second

Crypto integration in the USA lags behind Russia and China

The Chainalysis index highlights that the growth of crypts in different sectors is mostly heterogeneous. In China, things are bad in terms of P2P trade, due to the country’s large population. Nevertheless, China leads the ranking in terms of retail trade and total cost in the network.

Surprisingly, Kenya and Venezuela top the P2P exchange volume index, but fail on other important indicators. Developing countries are mostly leading the way in P2P transactions, as powers such as the USA have implied strict regulation regarding transactions.

Not only is the level of cryptocurrency adoption in the US lagging behind Russia and China, but other European countries are also not in the top ten.

Venezuela is far ahead in the race when it comes to politics and crypto regulations. The Republic is facing an economic disaster, and the crypts are becoming a lifeline for its citizens.

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