A giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new TON/USDT trading pair

Bit Team
2 min readJan 28, 2024

Hi team!
We hope you have already recovered from the New Year holidays and are ready to get active. To cheer you up and help you get out of winter hibernation faster, announce the start of a trading contest in honour of the launch of the new TON/USDT pair on the spot terminal.

We announce the trading contest!
🥇 First place: $300
🥈 Second place: 150$
🥉 Third place: 100$

● Total minimum trading volume on the BIT.TEAM exchange not less than $500 in the TON/USDT trading pair;
● Contest period from 31.01.24 to 28.02.24 inclusive.

Strict verification of fulfilment of requirements:
We will conduct a rigorous compliance check to ensure that winners have not used workarounds such as tweaking the result, buying from themselves or using existing coins. Participants need to keep their purchase order IDs to confirm their actions in case of a dispute.

Trade on SPOT and make transactions every day. The one who makes the most cumulative volume of buy or sell transactions in the TON/USDT trading pair will win!

And remember, to win — the maximum trading activity depends on the number of users on the exchange. Share this news and win in a fair fight!

Good luck, traders!