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For sure, there is no person today who has not heard about Bitcoin. In the media and social networks, they only talk about this. But many people do not even understand how the existence of the military-technical cooperation is secured

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Binance has been actively mentioned in the media over the past couple of weeks, and the news has not been very good. Although Binance has been able to dodge a lot of regulatory problems over the past few years, with the exception of the United States, the situation seems to have turned against them.

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Digital assets and cryptocurrencies: what is the difference between these technologies, and what attracts investors so much and makes them invest millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin continues its correction, moving in the range of 35–33 thousand USD. This weekend, BTC met resistance at the level of 36K, which led to another pullback. But the asset is waiting for a rollback and on a larger scale.

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That cryptocurrency mining operations in Sichuan have been closed. This follows the provinces of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, which have begun to implement similar orders. Now it seems that China is cracking down on Bitcoin at an unprecedented speed, and many are wondering what will happen next with cryptocurrencies around the world?

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Paraguay is about to become the second country to make Bitcoin a legal tender. This is incredible, given the current downward volatility of Bitcoin and the fact that the president`s solution came in the midst of threats to the IMF

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The Texas Department of Banking has announced a new update that will facilitate the further introduction of cryptocurrency in the state. In the update, the department mentioned that state-owned charter banks will now help their customers to store their cryptocurrency.

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Since this already looks like a big victory for crypto…

In November 2021, the Bitcoin blockchain is to update Taproot, and this will be the most ambitious update of the network since SegWit 2017. What changes will this long-awaited upgrade bring?

Taproot — the event anxiously awaited by the crypto community

The Taproot update, scheduled for the end of autumn , is a soft fork that will improve Bitcoin’s privacy…

Today, the whole world is going through a very difficult time. Not only the cryptocurrency markets, but the entire financial markets are in a fever, and this will continue for some time to come.

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