51% of Bitcoin Gold have been attacked for the third time in the three years

2020 was not as successful for the popular Bitcoin Gold (BTG). The system suffered two 51% attacks in less than 7 months.

The last one happened on July, 10th but reports claim that the team has managed to prevent it.

51% attack: BTG history repeats itself

51% attack refers to the kind of hacking attacks when more than 50% of hashrate is controlled by a group of miners or some organization which enables hackers to suspend payments between some or all users.

Fraudsters are also able to cancel transactions confirmed under their control over the network, and this is how they double coins.

Bitcoin Gold that is running over the modificated Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol under the title Equihash, has recently faced the similar hacking attacks.

Despite scammers finally issued a long chain of more than 1300 blocks which they had been mining since 1st July, the development team managed to protect the network. The team had detected illegal activity at an early stage and sent warnings with updates to pools and exchanges.

Currently all the asset’s users are recommended to update BTG Core nodes to 0.17.2 version.

Official website: bit.team